Guest Post from Noella Puchkors: 10.3 Tips for Organizing Your Life


Hello to you! When Savannah asked me to be a guest writer for her blog, I could not say no! It is nice to get out of my normal writing subjects to focus on a things that are a little more upbeat and day-to-day nuggets of insight.
So with that, I am here today to talk a little about organization. I’m a tiny bit OCD about everything in my life, but if you are like me at all and try to be as organized as possible, I always find myself failing more times than not. Why is that? Well, I hope I will be able to give you a little insight as to what I do to keep myself organized so I can have a more productive, stress-free day.

I am going to have two lists: One for the physical needs to keep your day in order, and the second for the mental needs to keep yourself going in the right direction all day, and not get dragged onto a rabbit trail where you cannot do anything you planned on. 
Now, this is NOT to make you into a robot. Switch it up and make it spicy. You do you honey. I am just here giving suggestions as to what I like doing.

1. Buy yourself a day planner.
    It does not have to be big or pretty, but if Target is your “goals” place like me and you like looking cute and all with your new planner, then the Ashley G Academic Planners are for you. My husband and I pick a new one each year from her collection and they do not disappoint! Along with being super fashionable and matching everything, they are very organized and there is a ton of writing space for anything you may need to get done. Keep your monthly goals in it, when bills are due, when work tasks are due, etc. EVERYHING.
    1.1 If you don’t want a day planner, but love fun colors to remind you what needs to get done, Post-It Notes are your go-to. I am obsessed with all of the bright colors and the fun designs they have released. When I was a college (for a measly year) I would cover my computer screen with everything I had to do before I could get online. I am a bit of a social-media addict, so doing that really helps me. Plus if anyone else sees it, they’ll probably remind you. Or make fun of you, but all in good spirit.

2. Baskets and labels belong everywhere.
    We’re currently transforming our storage room into our office and one of the things I’d love to do is to get everything out of the closet, put a whole ton of shelves in, and put baskets with labels to keep our small stuff in its own place. Not to mention getting rid of all the boxes that are now filling my guest bedroom (moving is hard, folks). There is a lot of work to be done, but I’m determined to finish so we can have our creative space.
You can easily find any of these types of baskets at your local crafts store, or, if you live near one, the wondrous warehouse that is IKEA. They have extensive options in many different colors and styles to fit in anyone’s home perfectly.

3. Anything for filing.
    Filing cabinets or those handy-hand-held accordion folders are great for organizing coupons or receipts for each day. You can even put future bills when they are due so you know when to pay for them! They can also be used to hold important documents, like financial and health documents.

4. A laundry schedule.
    I know it sounds silly, but it is effective. Growing up, we each had an assigned day to do our laundry so no one would overlap. I keep a laundry schedule now, too. I do my laundry, then my husband’s, then the towels and maybe the sheets and pillowcases on Saturdays. It is my one day home alone, so I get as much done as possible before I have to go to bed.
    4.1 The same goes for cleaning your home. Set a day that you want to focus on deep cleaning and be diligent. You will thank yourself later. If I do not clean my house once a week, it gets overwhelmingly messy. I truly do not know how, but there will be dishes piling up by and in the sink, water bottles throughout the house, clean clothes, shoes, socks, and absolutely everything out of place! I try to clean up the trash frequently, then bleach EVERYTHING on Saturday.
    4.2 If you like keeping a clean car, set a day once or twice a month to deep clean. Even just having a routine of getting trash out, getting items you have left in your car out, and maybe just a water rinse down to get the loose dirt out.  I enjoy having a clean car, so twice per month works perfectly for me.

   Now that we are through physical stuff that will be beneficial, I want to move on to the mental side of being organized. I hope I am not the only one who feels completely out of place if I do not know what is going on or what I need to get done. I always have mini anxiety attacks when I feel like I am forgetting something.

Here are some things to keep your brain calm, collected and overall positive:
1. Wake up early and streeeeetch.
    I live an hour from my job, so I have to get up early to beat the morning traffic. Every day I wake up and I do a quick stretch - I bend my back every way, I squat down, and I shake out and reach my arms all around. It wakes me up and it gets me moving in the right direction.

Extra tip: Picking out my outfits the night before helps me not stress about what I’m going to wear. Be sure to check the weather the night before!
    Before leaving I always make sure I am happy with how I look, then I kiss my husband good morning, and head downstairs for my next point.

2. Pack healthy snacks.
    We all get lunch breaks, but before that, what are we choosing to snack on? I personally do not eat breakfast. I usually eat a granola bar and a fruit cup during the morning hours at work If I have made biscuits, I will leave with a warm biscuit with cheese and save the bar and fruit for later. Eating healthy, non-sugary snacks while at work will make you feel better about yourself and your stress levels will go down because even though the sugary, mouthwatering snacks may be tempting, they sit heavily in our stomachs and can give us some serious aches and pains. I have never had that happen when I eat a protein bar or trail mix.

3. Breaks for the mind and body.
    Sometimes at work, you may find yourself getting tired and not performing well. Take a 5 minute break to go to the bathroom, walk around, fill your water bottle, or stretch. Do anything to recharge yourself in under ten minutes. I have a desk job, so getting up and stretching my legs throughout the day is important so I don’t get locked up.
Also, take this time to think about anything other than work. You may still be in the building, but think about what you plan to do that afternoon or weekend.
The little things are what make us the happiest sometimes, so focus on the little nuggets of blessings you receive through the day.

4. Become a Bookworm, or a Yoga master, or whatever.
    I try to do yoga every day but I’ve told myself that the past 6 days I haven’t done my daily yoga. I always want to, but things have come up where I hardly get 20 minutes to myself before I’m being called to do something or go somewhere.
Find something that you love to do and do it! If you want to review movies, then watch movies and write about them all day. If you want to make jewelry, go to Michael's and start. Read a book every week, write music, start a blog, et cetera, et cetera.
 Do something that will reduce your stress levels. Stress causes depression and depression leads to anger and anger isn’t good.
I used to Crossfit after work every day at my old job, and now I just do yoga because I moved away. I had to change my routine based on my finances, my marriage, and my job.
Nothing with ever stay routine, and we just have to learn to stay calm and to flow with what comes.

5. Do not be a control freak.
    Let’s be real, no one likes the micromanager - not even the micromanager themselves! The less you worry and stress about due dates and deadlines, the more people will be open to help you out, right? Everything will turn out exactly how it should, so do not worry about it if you know you should not be. Just make it through each task the best you can.

6. Go to bed.
    Go to bed at a decent hour according to when you have to wake up so you can get a good night’s rest to be able to get up and do it all again. On your days off, do not forget that you have things to accomplish and cannot sleep in until noon no matter how much you want to. Your body will be perfectly fine sleeping until nine or ten, then just get up and kill your day!

    I hope you can add a few of my 10.3 tips on how to keep your mind, life, and home organized to your everyday life. My own blog is my way of promoting hope and love through my words.

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  1. Love this post! Reading before bed as opposed to scrolling through instagram definitely helps release the stress! These are great ideas

  2. Always good to remind people to take it easy, and some simple tips for staying focused. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great advices, sometimes it is good to slow down the pace of life that we carry and have more healthy habit in our daily routine.

  4. I definitely needed this, had started waking up earlier recently and as much as I hate to admit it it's totally helping my productivity.

  5. I'm so bad at using planners! I use them only when I'm super busy and I need to be organised to not go crazy, but otherwise... I will use it for a couple of days an after that forget about it. I'm the worst.


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