5 Ways to Get Healthy the Right Way - Today!

While I am absolutely not a professional or the healthiest person in the world, I am aware that there are several easy steps we could all take in order to have better overall health.  If you have been wanting to get fit, start today!
1. Find your motivation.  If you have no "Why?" you will not be successful.  In addition to a goal weight or size, consider why you want to be that weight or size.  To be able to walk a certain distance? For your kids? For yourself?  Decide and make sure you have a constant reminder of the real reason you want to be healthier.

2. Take a month to cut out drinking anything other than water.  No soda, no alcohol, no artificially sweetened drinks.  You will quickly notice a difference in the way you feel, how your skin looks, and you will lose a decent amount of water weight.  After one month, allow yourself to treat yourself at times, but keep water as your primary liquid intake.  This is the number one essential for good health.  It is the perfect ground floor to make all of your other fitness goals reality!

3. Make a fitness goal and stick to it.  For me, I am walking at least thirty minutes every day.  While it is beneficial, it is also too short of a time and too easy to do for me to make any sort of excuse to not do it.  Do 50 push ups, dance for ten songs, or do five repetitions of three exercises at least every other day and do not allow yourself to skip any days.  Once this is a habit, build on it.  Set higher goals. 

4. Snack smarter.  First, get rid of all of the junk food in your house.  If you have anything individually wrapped, put it aside for trick-or-treaters.  Take everything else to work or to a friend instead of wasting it.  Then, go to the grocery store and stock up on snacks to eat when you need one, but will also not tempt you.  Also, consider the snacks you like most and get substitutes.  If you like chips, find a crunchy alternative like an apple or cucumber.  Sweet tooth? Try berries or a trail mix with a little bit of dark chocolate.  If you are hungry, absolutely eat, just make conscious decisions on what you're putting in your body!
5. Do not give up.  This is much easier said than done, but I mean it!  If you make the wrong health choice for a moment, day, or even for a full week - still do not give up.  Pick up where you left off. Eating a candy bar at 11am is not an excuse to eat poorly for the rest of the day.  Waking up Wednesday morning and realizing you have not worked out all week does not mean you can put it off until Monday.  It is okay to fall down, but you better get right back up!


  1. That month of water only sounds interesting. Mentally I am already seeing reasons why I cannot do it but I think a water only month would be great for my skin!
    The other tips are wonderful too. I am ready to take control of my health!

  2. Love the simplicity that this offers; it takes 21 days to create a habit and 28 for this to become the norm. xoxo


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