How to Spend the Least Money on the Most Groceries

In a world where healthy food is a costly necessity, yet extreme couponing may as well be a full time job, I have devised a plan that does not take hours out of my week, but does save me hundreds of dollars per year.

Now, I want to preface this with making sure that it is known that you cannot save TONS of money by having a strict grocery list, but if you are willing to do things such as substitute Viva paper towels when you are used to purchasing Charmin or meal plan based off of the best deals; you are in business.

1) Rebate Apps
That's right!  Did you know that you can get rebates from your grocery bill without having to go to a specific website or mail anything in?  All you have to do is check the offers, match with your list, then scan your receipt!
First, Ibotta is by far the most popular.  Use the referral code "arxgdrg" for an extra $10 when you redeem your first rebate!
Next, MobiSave offers several different categories.  "ANPQWZAW" is the code to use when signing up for this one!
Last,Checkout 51 and Savings Star are also great for getting money back for your purchases at the grocery store!

2) Target Red Card + Cartwheel
By getting a Target Red Card, whether it be credit or debit, you automatically get 5% off of all Target purchases - that's $5 off of a $100 grocery bill.  However, grocery shopping at Target is not normal for anyone I know.  What I do is use the 5% as a bonus to save even more when I am using Cartwheel, which in summary, is a Target coupon app that gives you percentages off of certain items, which are constantly changing.
I use Cartwheel like this:  Go to offers, then to categories, select "All," and categorize by discount.
Right now, the highest percent off is 60% on EVOL Frozen Snack Cups.  Add the 5% from the Red Card, and that's a savings of 65%, simply by using an app and card.

3) Publix BOGO
Publix has close to one hundred items "Buy One, Get One Free" at any given time.  Not only does this mean getting groceries (and sometimes toiletries) at a two-for-one value, but you can almost always also choose to only purchase one at half price, which would work best for anyone with a very low weekly or biweekly budget for food.  In my experience, Publix prices are generally higher than almost any grocery store, but getting either one for half of their price or two for one is still a significant savings.

The last note I have is that while any of these methods would allow for you to purchase anything you need at the grocery store for half price as long as you are willing to be flexible with which brands you use and are willing to try new things based off of items with the highest discounts -- but the REAL savings come when you can combine rebate app offers with items on BOGO or Cartwheel.

What are your best money saving grocery store hacks?  Leave them in the comments below!
© Savannah Maye

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