Who Am I?

Any time I face a disappointing situation in my life, a trail of thoughts that I often think others can relate to goes through my head. Parts of those thoughts are my emotions speaking, but an immense amount of those thoughts are logical notions that can be transferred to multiple individuals in diverse circumstances. I want to help others work through their problems, so I hope my words can aid others to comfort in times of uncertainty. I am taking today to relaunch this platform. I need to write for my own therapy and I need to accept that there is no perfect formula for writing. When words come, I will post. When they are in the distance, I will wait.

Today something happened that made me question “Who am I?”

This is a question that I think people of all ages ask themselves frequently. As important it is to have confidence in the person you are and stand firm in beliefs and ethics, it is also important to realize that we are constantly growing. There are times that I am completely secure in who I am, but then weeks, months, or years go by, and I find myself so far evolved that I again need to answer, “Who am I?”

Surroundings change, relationships change, and we cannot control the way the world around us alters. In turn, passions change, goals change, and where inspiration is drawn from also changes.

I am still learning more about myself and I believe I am going through a substantial transition.

I am proud of the person I have become, but I am even more proud that I am not the same as yesterday and I will be even better tomorrow.

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